Spring Sun Catchers

Spring Sun Catchers

Today you will be able to use any left over supplies from our Spring Luminaries. Any leaves, flowers etc that didn’t make it on to your light can now have a life in your sun catcher.

Spring Sun Catchers

You will need:

  • leaves, flowers and other spring items
  • two sticks
  • sticky back plastic
  • a hole punch or scissors
  • yarn or string

Head out on your walk to collect spring time treasures (or used ones you have left from a previous project) and two great sticks. You can also use the pressed flowers we made for this project.

Spread your treasures out on your working surface and decide on an arrangement for your sun catcher.

Cut a piece of sticky back plastic twice the width (or twice the height) you will need so that you can simply fold it over to seal it.

Arrange the spring time treasures on one half of the sticky back plastic, fold it over and seal it.

Trim any edges that need it and punch two holes along the top and two on the bottom.

Tie your sticks the top and bottom using the holes you have created.

Now hang your beautiful sun catcher in a window where you can enjoy it.

Please do share with us your process and end result we would love to see what you do. You can find us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy sun catching!


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