What Others Say


I am so grateful to you April.  It is always a pleasure to work with you.  You are a star. – Anne-Marie (Head Teacher of Barnes Montessori Nursery)

Your Forest School is so fantastic & easy to book/ get to – the kids LOVE it and it is SO
amazing for the HE community! – Mother of Harper (7)

My daughter Amelia started going to Forest School about 4 months before her fourth birthday, as I was keen to expose her to nature as much as possible given that we live in a suburban environment. The transformation has been amazing. From being reluctant to interact with nature, Amelia now readily picks up insects and worms in the garden to show to me. She notices birds in the trees and is curious to know their names. She comments on plants and flowers and has a new respect for living things. She now actively asks to spend time in our garden (in all weathers!). Significantly, her confidence and willingness to speak in front of a group have also increased. All in all, Amelia has become more in tune with nature and more in tune with herself. April is a fantastic teacher to whom the children warm incredibly quickly. She has achieved the perfect balance in terms of guiding the children through their hours in the forest, whilst giving them the freedom to roam and discover things on their own. After the first term, I asked Amelia what she liked the most about Forest School. She answered happily that she liked April, as she is very kind. Amelia has made great friends and always looks forward to the sessions. The same goes for me, as I see her radiant face every time she leaves the forest. I cannot recommend Forest School enough. – Mother of Amelia (4)

ForestSchool-10My two children (three and five) thrived in this setting. April is a very special kind of teacher–so passionate, engaging and skilled. She was able to create special experiences for the entire group of children while making them each feel unique and cared for. The children really loved reliving each element of the afternoon’s events as we ventured home. They loved the tasks (making mud!); they loved the rules (don’t walk through the pretend fire!); they loved the new friends that they made; and they loved being in April’s company–learning from her, listening to her stories and seeing what she had in store for them that day. Of all the activities my children have done–it is our absolute favourite! It is about learning in a very fresh and exciting way. – Mother of Kaitlyn (3) and Cameron (5)

My three and a bit year old has gone for 6 months now. He loves it, it’s a mystery to me how this little boy with whom I have an ongoing battle to walk to playgroup with because he’s “too tired” or “too cold”, runs into and comes out of those chilly, wintery woods with April, always grinning from ear to ear and proud of himself. – Mother of Eddie (3)

It is so wonderful to see my daughter participating in something like this. I thought she didn’t like getting dirty or playing in the mud but when she gets home from Forest School she is filthy and smiling from ear to ear! – Mother of Bella (3)

DSC_0567Congratulations on such a wonderful idea and school. It is fantastic and the kids have such a great time as well as getting used to being outside and having fun in all weathers. I’ve been really impressed. – Mother of James (3)

My three boys loved, loved, absolutely loved the forest school. Sam had the best time ever & asked if he can go everyday!! Thanks so much!! I honestly cannot say thank you enough! – Mother of Joost, Zarel and Sammy (6, 8, & 9)

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for making my daughter’s time in the woods very special. She talked non-stop on the way to the bus, on the bus, on the next bus, and on the walk home about her day and HEIDI! She even attempted to “magic the baby out” with her wand she made (I’m 35 weeks pregnant;) – Mother of a girl (4)

Thanks again for letting [my son] be involved! He came away totally happy and at ease and clearly had really enjoyed himself. – Mother of Nicolas (4)