Spring Luminaries

Spring Luminaries

This idea is also lovely in the autumn with all the coloured leaves but at this time of year we have gorgeous colours from the wild flowers and the bright green leaves unfurling. It makes a great night light for your little one once it is complete.

Spring Luminaries

You will need:

  • an old plastic milk jug washed and dried
  • flowers, leaves etc — the small blossoms of wild flowers are perfect for this
  • sticky back plastic
  • scissors
  • battery operated tea light

Cut the top off of your clean and dry plastic milk jug where the handle starts.  The bottom will make up your luminary.

Cut the sticky back plastic to size to wrap around the milk jug bottom with a bit extra where they overlap

Peel the backing off of the sticky back plastic and arrange the leaves facedown.  It is important to give some thought to how you place the leaves and flowers as you will see the opposite side once it is complete (the part of the plant you are sticking to the sticky back plastic. Also it is important to think about placement as you will need space between, above and below the leaves, flowers etc to make sure the sticky back plastic sticks to the milk jug.

Stick the sticky back plastic to the milk jug all the way around and press on it firmly all over to make sure it sticks.

Once your luminary is all put together you can turn on your tea light, pop it in your luminary and enjoy the gorgeous glow.

Kids Craft Room have a great post about making these autumn themed luminaries on their website. The photos belong to them as well.

Do show us what you make on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy illuminating!



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