Frequently Asked Questions

What types of activities do you do?

The leaders of the Tree House Learning Forest School sessions all come to the session with an idea, or what I like to call a springboard for learning.  They present the idea to the children and the children decide where they take it.  In order to answer this question I can tell you what the leaders bring as their ideas but where the children take them only they know.

Some examples of ideas presented are:

  • Tool use
  • Creating using found objects
  • Identification of flora and fauna
  • Shelter building
  • Fire lighting
  • Cooking over open fire
  • Group challenges
  • Cooperative games
  • Sense scavenger hunts
  • Bushcraft skills
  • etc

Can we come to session on a drop in basis?

The real magic of Forest School happens on a long term basis.  It is for this reason that we do not accept drop in students or allow parents to use a pay as you go method of payment.  It is in regular attendance to the same space in a woodland that the children become comfortable and confident in the site, can watch it change through the seasons, make safe risk assessment of the activities they engage in and really make it their own space.

Can I attend the sessions with my child?

At Tree House Learning we understand what it is like to be a parent and that children all have different needs.  We work toward all children attending without their parents but understand that for different children this will take different amounts of time.  We welcome parents to come along if they feel it is what is best for their child but we encourage parents to really step back and let the child lead the play.  For Forest School to work its magic it is imperative that the child take ownership of his/her learning it is for this reason that we encourage to let the child wander, wonder, explore and go ‘off task’ if that is what they are interested in doing.  Even if a child seems bored we encourage parents to stand back and let them be bored.  No one has ever come up with anything original by having all of their time structured by someone else.  Out of boredom comes amazing things.

Can I bring my infant along if I attend the session with my child?

Yes.  As long as you agree to take 100% responsibility for your little one they are welcome to join us.  We ensure the sessions have enough staff for the children enrolled in the class.  We do not have the resources to accommodate siblings as well but if you are attending and are willing to be with your younger child 100% of the time in order to keep them safe then they are more than welcome to come along.  Please note you can not bring more than one sibling.

What if my child needs to use the toilet?

We have two sizes of portable potties out with us and are happy to take your child to use them if they need to go.  We do encourage parents to ensure that their children have been to the toilet right before their session as obviously having to leave the site to use the toilet takes away from their time in the woods.

What ages do you cater for?

We run sessions for ages 3 – teenage.  Your child is welcome to join us after their 3rdbirthday.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Yes.  As Forest School is outside, in the woods at all times we do not have changing facilities.  Please ensure your child is potty trained before enrolling in our sessions.  Thank you.

What do you do in case of severe weather?

There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.  We go out whatever the weather unless there is high wind or lightning, for obvious reasons.  The Forest School leaders check the weather forecast before each session and will cancel the session if there is lightning or high wind.

What is the minimum age that Tree House Learning runs sessions for?

We cater from 3 years of age.

What if my child has to miss a session due to illness?

If your child has to miss a session they are welcome to come along to a make up session in that same half term.  We have sessions running most days of the week so are happy to have them attend a session on a different day when they are feeling better.