Bird Song Identification

Today’s activity is inspired by a member of our community.  She wrote to me saying she was missing the woods and the countryside and could I please send her a video.  So Today I am doing just that.  I am no cinematographer (as you will see!) but I shot a short video in the woods for you all.  As you will see the bluebells are nearly ready.  I will send another video when they are in full bloom.

Bird Song Identification

For this activity you will need a bird song identification app or someone with a good ear and knowledge of bird songs.

Watch the video link below and see if you can identify any of the birds singing — there are quite a few!

Let us know what you hear by sending us an email or by posting on our social media (Facebooktwitter and/or instagram) We would love to hear a video or audio clip of the bird song where you are, send one and lets see how much overlap there is between where I walk and where you walk.

Thanks for checking in.

Happy listening! (and Happy Easter!)

All the best,


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