Signs of Spring

Spring is here and at a time when we have all gone inside nature is waking from its winter slumber.  This idea has come to us from a member of our Tree House Learning community.  This family has three children and all three children attended our sessions.  The oldest in the family attended from our very first session and from that day forward we had at least one of the three children in our sessions for nearly 10 years.  Although the children are no longer attending the sessions they still keep in touch.  Thank you for the years  of loyalty, the friendships and for passing on this great idea.

Signs of Spring

Today when you are out for your walk see if you can spot signs of spring?

Maybe it is a nest, a migratory bird returning home or a newly hatched egg.  Yesterday, on my walk I spotted a piece of a robin’s egg.  The tiny bird had emerged and the bird family had discarded the egg shell that was no longer needed.

Maybe it is a spring blossom.  Are there bluebells growing near where you live?  I spotted my first gorgeous bluebell blossom just the other day.  I am attaching a link from the London Wetland Centre with their list of signs of spring for you to spot.

Maybe it is a baby animal or new leaves on the trees.  There are signs of spring all around we just need to open our ears, eyes and noses to the environment around us and take notice.  Maybe you can even spot signs of spring by looking out your window?

How many signs of spring can you spot?  Take photos of what you see and share them with us on social media on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.  Thank you!

Happy spotting!

All the best,


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