Tree Cone Bird Feeder

This idea is one that gives purpose to a walk in nature (finding that perfect cone) and a natural craft activity at home (creating the feeder) but it also means that the view from your window will also be more filled with nature.

Tree Cone Bird Feeder

These feeders are quick and easy to make with just a few supplies you will have happy birdies in no time.

You will need:

  • a bit of birdseed
  • a cone
  • a bit of lard, nut butter or seed butter (coconut oil works too) to glue it all together
  • a length of string

It is simple really, first tie your string to the top of the cone so you can hang it when you are done.  Then spread the fat you are using around the cone, making sure to get it into the gaps.  Spread the birdseed out onto a plate and roll the ‘buttered’ cone around on the plate making sure you get seed stuck to all the fat. That is it!

Hang your feeder somewhere that you can see it from your window and let the bird watching begin.  A pair of binoculars placed by that window will mean that you can get a close up view of the birds that come to feed.  A bird identification guide or leaflet will mean you can even learn the names of your visitors.

Happy watching!

Please do send photos of your finished feeders and of your birds feeding we love to hear from you and see what you are up to.

Share them with us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Thank you.


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