Leaf Threading Journey Sticks

This gorgeous activity was contributed by Tuscany.  Tuscany acts as an assistant for Tree House Learning and has done for nearly three years now.  She has such a lovely way with the children.  She is patient, kind and lots of fun.  We all feel Tuscany will make a great leader one day and are crossing our fingers she will be with us for many more years to come.  Thank you for your dedication to Tree House Learning Tuscany.  You are an asset to be sure.

Tuscany says that she loves this activity because it gives children a chance to explore the outdoors and to learn about the variety of leaves that are just lying around.

Leaf Threading Journey Sticks

This is a lovely activity to do with a child while on a walk.  The threading of the leaves is great fine motor skill work for little ones and the leaf identification can engage older siblings.

You will need a length of string for each person and a large plastic needle or a thin sturdy stick for each person and a slightly large stick for each person.  You may want to bring a leaf ID booklet or leaflet with you to learn the trees as you go.

To start you can tie a small stick on one end of your string and tie the needle or the thin (needle like) stick on the other end.  As you walk along you look at the trees that line the path and every so often (junctions are good spots) you stop and choose one tree that stands out as a land mark.  Pick one leaf or choose one that has fallen off of that tree on to the ground.  Thread that leaf on to your string by poking the thin twig or needle through it.  Continue to stop, collect and thread leaves as you walk.

Now see if you can use your Journey Stick (the leaves on your string) to find your way back to where you started.

Such a simple idea but with such learning potential on so many levels.  Thanks again Tuscany, a great pick.

Please do share pictures of your Journey Sticks on our social media so we can keep up with what you are doing.  Share them with us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

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