Sensory Nature Cutting Tray

Sensory Nature Cutting Tray

This idea came from Kids Craft Room.  They have loads of fabulous ideas so are worth checking out.  It is really simple and is aimed at the younger of our Forest School friends.

Sensory Nature Cutting Tray

You will need:

  • a variety of natural objects that are different textures, thicknesses and shapes
  • a play to set up your tray (you don’t actually need a tray, you can set this up on a table too)
  • scissors

Collect a number of natural objects on your walk today.  Have your child choose some that look interesting.  When you get home have them sort and arrange them in whatever manner they choose.  This can be sorted by type, by size, by clour, in lines, or a circle, it is entirely up to them.  It may be useful to give them a number of dishes, pots or plates to aid their sorting.  When they have sorted you can hand over the scissors and/or other cutting implements you have at home (a hole punch maybe?) and allow your child to interact with them in their own way.  There is no wrong answer here as it is all about exploration.  Do read the blog post about this from Kids Craft Room as she has some really useful things to say around the sorting and interaction aspects.

Happy investigating!



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