Foraging for Dandelion

Foraging for Dandelion

If you have a garden that has started to grow like mad and your lawn and flower beds are popping with yellow blossoms that you didn’t plant, this activity may be just what you need.

Today we are going to head back outside to look for wild food.  So many of you loved the nettle foraging so, I thought we could forage for something that nearly everybody recognises easily and does not sting you when you pick it.  😉

Dandelion is another of nature’s wonderful free gifts that many refer to as a weed.  They are some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring so are important for our pollinators.  Did you know that they are good for us for a myriad of reasons as well?  Today we are going to focus on how to pick them and we will give you some suggestions for how to use them.

Foraging for Dandelion

You will need:

  • a basket to collect your dandelions

When you head outside for a walk see if you can spot dandelions along the way.  Pick the parts that you need.  Bring some extra dandelion flowers home for a different activity later this week.

That is it!  The rest of the fun happens you get home with your bounty.

How will you use your dandelions?  Will you sprinkle the yellow petals in a salad or on a bowl of soup to give them a nutritious boost of yellow goodness?  Will you eat the greens as a digestive before your meal?

I found these lovely ideas for using your dandelions.  Check them out for inspiration.

Dandelion jam

Dandelion flower cookies

Sauteed dandelion greens with a kick

Dandelion greens with eggs and feta

Do tell us of your adventures, share your photos with us and let us know what you make.  We love hearing from you.  You can find us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy picking!


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