Create a Wildlife Friendly Garden

This activity comes to us from our community again — Thank you for keeping in touch and sending us your ideas!  I love that we are all coming together to keeps our children connected to nature.  Thank you!

Do you have a back garden?  If you do this one is for you.  If you do not, there are still things for you to do here.

Create a Wildlife Friendly Garden

This link from the Natural History Museum lists seven simple ways that you can make your back garden more wildlife friendly.  Have a look through it for more detail but in summary they are;

  1. Grow butterfly friendly plants (You don’t need a garden for this!)
  2. Feed the birds (You don’t need a garden for this.  We did this!  Remember?)
  3. Create a compost heap from your kitchen waste
  4. Help creatures of the night by planting night blooming flowers, turning off external lights, building hedgehog houses and putting hedgehog holes in your fences
  5. Adding a water source to your garden
  6. Create a wood pile and leave leaf litter
  7. Let things grow a little wild in some parts

I hope you can find something on this list that inspires you to make your garden a little more wildlife friendly.  If you do please let us know.  Send us a picture of you helping the wildlife and we will post it on our social media Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Keep in touch and happy helping!

All the best,



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