Seed Bombs

This activity comes from Chloe.  Did you know that Chloe is a fabulous Forest School leader as well as our Admin Fairy?  True story.  Chloe has been working with Tree House Learning for in some capacity for nearly six years now.  So, Tree House Learning has had Chloe longer than it has not.  She brings a gentle calm to her sessions using song and so much creativity.  She has chosen seed bombs because now is the perfect time of year to start growing many flowers and veg from seed.  Thanks Chloe.

Seed Bombs

For this activity you will need a few materials.

  • Air drying clay
  • compost
  • seeds

Chloe found a comprehensive explanation for how to make them here

It is as simple as

  1. getting the ratio right (4 parts clay: 1 part compost: 1 part seeds)
  2. making sure the ingredients are all thoroughly mixed together
  3. rolling the mixture into balls and leaving to air dry

Once they are dry all you have to do is drop your seeds bombs where you want the flowers to grow and wait.

There are some other really great tips in the link about placement, watering etc. so do check it out.

Happy measuring, mixing and bombing everyone.  Please do take pictures of your process — we love to see clay and compost covered hands!  Share them with us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

All the best,



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