Stick Picture Frames

Stick Picture Frames

This activity is one we have done at Forest School many times. It is a bit fiddly while you are learning your knots but it is so lovely to watch the children’s faces when they succeed. Your littlest ones will need a lot of support with this, it is an activity for children with quite good fine motor skills. However, your little ones can choose the stick and the string and let you know exactly how they would like it done with you tying the knots if they are excited about the idea.

Stick Picture Frames

You will need:

  • four sticks
  • string, twine or yarn
  • something beautiful to frame (possibly your spray art from Thursday?)
  • secateurs

On a walk, collect four sticks that you think will frame your art/picture/whatever you are framing nicely. Make sure they are the right length or longer so when you cut them down they will be the right length.

When you get home, measure the length of your sticks against your art and make sure you like the way the four sticks look framing your work. Now cut your sticks to length with the secateurs.

Now it is time to start tying your frame together. I found this handy video that clearly shows each step of the square lashing process. You can also have a look at the illustrated instructions below.

To keep it simpler for younger ones you can let them wrap the string around the crossed sticks in both directions firmly and then tie it off yourself — it does not need to be a perfect square lashing. If you also wrap the string along the side of the frame you can add bits and bobs to decorate it.

Set them the challenge of trying to secure the sticks together without giving them the answer and see what they come up with. It may be just as effective at holding it together and more unique because they came up with it on their own.

Do let us know how you get on and what they decide to do to secure the sticks together. We would love to hear about your process. you can find us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy lashing!




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