Spider Stone Puzzle

Spider Stone Puzzle

I found this idea on Pinterest and thought it looked really sweet. I will admit I have not tried this one myself as my little ones are not so little anymore. 🙁 It will take time to set up but there is no reason why you can’t set the task to an older child to create it or start it and have the older and any younger children complete it together and play with it together or alone.

Spider Stone Puzzle

If your home is anything like ours you will have a collection of ‘treasures’ tucked away somewhere, maybe you have it limited to a box or bag or maybe it has taken over your house. Now to put them to good use…

You will need:

  • a collection of stones, pebbles or other ‘treasures’ distinctive shapes make it easier
  • a large sheet of paper or multiple pieces of paper taped together
  • a marker or other writing tool

Place your treasures on your prepared paper. Trace around them to create the ‘bodies’ of your spiders. You may want to add a little mark to the treasure on the ‘top’ so you know which way it should be facing up. This may help you to complete the puzzle when you are finished making it. Once traced, move the treasure and add your eight legs to turn it in a spider. Maybe they will want little eyes as well?

Remember to move your treasures into a different pile once you have already traced them so that you are tracing a different treasure for each spider.

Once you have filled your page take all the traced treasures and mix them up and then try to complete your spider puzzle.

Do let us know how it goes. We would love to see photos of you making your puzzles or trying to solve them. You can find us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy puzzling!


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