Spring Garland

Spring Garland

This idea can be done with leftover cut flowers from inside your house, from wildflowers in your garden or from blossoms and petals you find along your walk. You do not need to pick fresh ones, you can use petals from blossoms that have dropped.

Spring Garland

You will need:

  • a collection of blossoms and petals (you could make paper ones as well)
  • an embroidery (or similar) needle
  • thread

Decide how you would like to arrange your flowers and petals along your garland.  Get them all lined up in the order you would like.  Will you create a rainbow?  Or a pattern based on size?  Or colour?  Or shape? Now, cut a piece of thread to the length you would like your garland.  It helps to put a piece of sellotape on the end of your thread so that the petal etc do not slip off.  Thread your needle and get creating. Simply start threading everything on in the order you have decided. When you are finished pop another bit of sellotape on the other end and hang your spring garland up. It will still be lovely as it dries.

We would love to hear about your garland making adventure and to see the end results. Please do get in touch on our social media on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy garland making!


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