Seed Growing

This next idea comes to us from Pascale.  Pascale has been with Tree House Learning for nearly three years and is an asset to our team.  She brings to her sessions her wealth of experience in Montessori learning and loves a sing along.  As you will see with her other ideas, she has been strongly influenced by Maria Montessori.  In this activity she shows us how to bring nature inside.  When chatting with Pascale about this activity she said, “I like that children can see the different stages of growth of a plant.  I think it’s important to get closer to nature and it all starts with tiny seeds.  Children can learn to understand nature by caring for their environment and become more hands on.”

Thanks Pascale!

Seed Growing

For this activity you will need seeds something quick growing like cress is great as the children see results quickly and you can eat the results.  You will also need a variety of small pots to grow them in.

Pascale has suggested trying to grow the seeds in a number of environments to see which works best.

  • What happens when the seeds are grown in a dark cupboard?
  • What about a bright sunny window sill?
  • In the cool of the refrigerator?
  • Next to a warm radiator?
  • Outside in the garden/on a patio?
  • How about inside a transparent glove or in a pot covered with clingfilm?
  • On a piece of damp cottonwool or a dry one?

Please do let us know what you observe.  Which environment is best?  Which is the worst?  What does that say about the seeds?  Do they have specific needs?  If so, what are those needs?

Please share your results along with your photos on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.


Happy Growing.

All the best,


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