Mud Painting!

Mud Painting!

Today we are going to make our own paint out of mud and use it to make masterpieces. Let’s be honest, playing with mud is usually a super fun, super messy activity but doing it this way means you are channelling that mess into a masterpiece. Win, win!

Mud Painting

You will need:

  • cups, pots, jars or bowls to create your ‘paint’ in — you will need as many as different colours you want
  • dirt
  • water
  • food colouring (optional)

Put a little mud into each container and add water a little at a time, mixing after each addition, until you have something resembling pudding.  If you want a more translucent colour, add more water. If you can find different colours of dirt for your mud that is great! Maybe you have some grey clay, some dark brown compost, some sandier coloured dirt. Do you have any old and broken terra cotta pots at home? If so you could try safely crushing small pieces of it to a make a different colour. If you only have one colour of dirt and want to make different colours you can add food colouring to your ‘paint’. You will probably need 10 or more drops of colour in each pot. All of your paint will remain lovely earthy shades due to the brown, mud base. Okay, now go paint! Will you finger paint? Will you use brushes? Will you use the homemade paintbrushes we made together?  Do let us know how it goes. Share your masterpieces with us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram. We would also love to see the colours you make so share photos of your homemade paint.

Happy Painting!



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