Easter ‘Egg’ Hunt

This activity comes to us from Pascale.  I love Pascale’s ideas as they are all very child directed so the child takes ownership for and participates in the activity with out the top down approach of some adult directed activities.  Perfect for this weekend or for any day that your feel like a hunt.  Thanks Pascale!

Easter ‘Egg’ Hunt

For this activity you will need:

  • a collection of stones or other natural objects that you can paint
  • paint
  • paint brushes

Wash any dirt or dust off of your stones so that the paint will go on smoothly.  Let your stones dry thoroughly before painting.  Paint your stones any colour you would like.  Pastel colours and Easter egg designs will keep it seasonal but the possibilities are endless here.  Really enjoy the process of painting them and let your creativity go wild.  When they are totally dry hide them around the garden or the house.  Have someone hunt for your colourful stones.  It helps if you know how many you have to begin with.  😉  If you don’t have paint at home even just hiding stones is a fun activity and even trickier to find if they blend in with the background.

You can see how Happy Hooligans did theirs here.

Please send us your pictures.  We would love to see your Easter ‘eggs’ and you doing your hunt.  Post them on our social media Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy hunting!

All the best,



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