Leaf Printing

Leaf Printing

Remember all those leaves you picked to make rubbings?  Do you still have them?  Yes?  Great, because we are going to use them again today.  This time we are going to paint them and print then on paper.

Leaf Printing

You will need:

  • leaves
  • paint
  • paper
  • paintbrushes

Gather your supplies, prep your painting area and get busy.  Paint your leaves and then press the painted side onto your paper to create a print of your leaf.  Use different leaves to create different prints or use the same leaf over and over.  Maybe you want to make a print of a leaf and then add detail with your paintbrush or a marker to turn it into something else?  Maybe you want to create a scene with your leaf prints or maybe you just want to print your leaves.  If you have some masking tape at home you can tape all four sides of your paper to create a frame.  Just print until your heart’s content and then gently peel the masking tape away when you are done.  Gorgeous!  Whichever way you approach this it is a fun activity.

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Happy Printing!



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