Leaf and Bark Rubbing

Leaf and Bark Rubbing

Today’s activity gives you a purpose for your walk but also something to do with all of those leaves you collected yesterday.  So, get your supplies together and head out to start exploring the world outside your front door…

Leaf and Bark Rubbing

You will need:

If you have your leaves from yesterday you could start your rubbings before you head out.  Just take a piece of paper, place one of your leaves underneath and using your wax crayon gently colour over top of the leaf so that you can start to see the edges and features of the leaf come through.  I like to use the side of the crayon to do this as it creates even pressure across the whole crayon, preventing you from pressing too hard.

Maybe you want to use one piece of paper per leaf, write the name of the tree along the top and then rub the leaf on that same piece.  You can then take your pages outside and rub a patch of the bark of the trees in the way you did the leaves.  If you have one page per type of tree you will be able to create a tree ID book of your own.  One page per tree with each page showing the leaf and bark of that tree.

What do you notice about the bark of the trees?  Are they all the same?  If you find multiple trees of the same variety is their bark all the same?  What makes them different?  We would love to see your pictures and hear your thoughts.  Get in touch with us via email or through our social media on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy rubbing!



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