Twig Tea Light Holder

This idea comes from me, April.  I love the idea of bringing natural textures and elements inside the home.  I think this activity is easy enough for little ones, with some support with the gluing, and open ended enough for older children who love a craft to really make it their own.

Twig Tea Light Holder

For this activity you will need a few supplies that you can not find outside.

  1. a small jar that has been cleaned and dried
  2. glue — white glue will work but a hot glue gun is quickest and easiest
  3. a tea light candle
  4. any embellishments you would like to add

Talk a walk in a wooded area or along a hedgerow so you can collect small twigs.  Choose twigs that you find interesting in shape, colour and size.  Maybe you want them all perfectly straight so you can line them up side by side, maybe you prefer more of an organic or wild look so want twigs that jut out at all angles.

Once you have all of your twigs head home and get ready to start snipping and gluing.  Break (or cut) the twigs to size to cover as much of the jar height as you would like.  Glue the twigs all around the outside of the jar until the whole jar is covered.  If you are using white glue you will need to do this in stages so that the twigs have time to dry in place before you add the next set.  You can then add any embellishments you choose (a raffia ribbon, some tiny cones or acorns, moss or lichen) or leave it simple.  The possibilities are endless.

When finished pop in your tea light and enjoy the glow of your candle through the twigs.

This could make a great Mother’s Day gift or a gift for an elderly friend or relative who is self isolating.  I bet having one of these arrive in the post will literally and figuratively light up their day.

Please do send us photos of your finished candle holders.  Share them with us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

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