Stick Wind Chime

This lovely idea come from Chloe, she is full of great ideas.  As you may have noticed there is a theme to Chloe’s ideas, beauty, craft and things that would look gorgeous on Pinterest.  She is such a creative person and continues to amaze me the more I learn about her.

This idea is truly open ended so the results will vary every time you make one.  If you enjoy it don’t stop at one!

Stick Wind Chime










You will need:

  • sticks
  • string or yarn
  • paint (optional)

When next out on a walk collect six or more sticks of different sizes that sound nice when they are hit against each other.  Decide on one longer stick that you will be tying the other stick to.

When back at home paint the sticks in whatever way you think is best ranging from intricate designs to none at all.

Once your paint is dry, use string (multicoloured makes it brighter) to tie the stick to the one main stick and tie a hanging string to the opposite side of the main stick. (see photos)

Hang your stick wind chime outside a window so you can hear it chiming in the wind as it blows.

Don’t forget to post your photos of your chimes to our social media (Facebooktwitter and/or instagram)so we can see too.  Thanks!

Happy chiming!

All the best,


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