Stick Maze

This idea is can be done in your own back garden or on a woodland walk.  It is really simple and can be done over and over again.  If you have multiple children have one lay the maze and the other try to solve it or you can try to solve the maze they lay for you.  You can use sticks or twigs, toys, rakes, whatever you have lying around.

Stick Maze

If you want to add a layer of planning to this activity go right ahead and have them plan their maze with pen and paper before they start then just lay the materials you have chosen out in your maze pattern.  If you have older children they can really get inventive here by banging sticks into the ground (like pegs) and tie string to them to create ‘walls’ for the maze, making it harder to solve.  Take time to think about dead ends, wrong turns etc and try to trick who ever is following your maze.

Now swap rolls and let them try to trick you.

Please share your photos of your mazes with us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram so we can see too.  Thanks!

Happy building and solving!

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