Nature Number Puzzles

Nature Number Puzzles

This idea will take a bit of work from the adults in the house but might also be a fun one for older siblings to set up for younger siblings. There is plenty learning and fun in the setting up of it so maybe have your older child set one or more up for you if there are no younger siblings in the house.

Nature Number Puzzles

You will need:

  • paper
  • some sort of writing implement
  • natural objects

Out on your walk today have a look for small natural objects that you can collect multiple of, small stones, tree cones, small leaves, flower petals, etc.

When you get home lay out your finds on a table then use the paper and pen to write your puzzles. Laying the objects out in a grid shape or in rows will make it easier for your little one to keep track of them. Will you focus on counting and ask “How many pebbles? How many leaves?” You could ask them questions like, “Can you show me 4 tree cones? Can you show me 7 daisies?” Will you focus on patterns and start a pattern with the found objects on the table and ask them to continue the pattern on the paper? Will you get really tricky and have the different objects represent a different number and create number problems for them to figure out the symbolism? For example, acorn + pebble = 6 and pebble – acorn = 2, what do pebble and acorn represent? You could practice subtraction by having them count the number of leaves and telling you what one less would be, or what two less would be.

Please do let us know what sorts of puzzles you come up with. Do keep in touch on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram. We love hearing from you.

Happy puzzling!


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