Sink or Float

Today’s activity can, again use up some of your left over bits and pieces from last week’s activities or you can head out for a walk and choose a few new ones you find lying around.  If you are self isolating try using objects you can find around the house.  This is a great activity for some scientific conversation and prediction.

Sink or float

You will need:

  • a tub, bowl or pot or use a sink
  • water
  • small items to test

Simply fill your vessel will water and gather your items to be tested.  Now try to predict which items will sink or float, maybe sorting them into three piles before starting — sink, float and not sure.  Now start testing.

Which sank?  Which floated?  Which were you surprised about?  Which were you wrong about?  Why do you think that some things sink and some float?

Please do send us your photos and share them on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram so we can see what you tested and what you have discovered.  Thanks!

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