Hide the Treasure

The following link was sent in by the fabulous Sam.  Sam is in his second year with Tree House Learning and has fast become a favourite for many children.  His background in Drama therapy shines through in his fun sessions.  Sam is very thoughtful about the children in his groups and we often have long chats about how to better serve individual children.  He is dedicated to his work and quickly became an asset for Tree House Learning.  I am grateful for Sam everyday.

In the link you will find Sam, well actually, Silly Pirate Pete, showing you how to play Hide the Treasure.

Hide the Treasure

This game can be played inside or out and does not require any special equipment.  If you use natural objects you can use it as a nature connection tool and it is a great game for short term memory, among other things.

Enjoy!  We would love to see pictures of you playing your game.  Please share them with us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

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