Find ‘Your’ Tree

Find ‘Your’ Tree

This activity is a firm favourite at Forest School.  The premise is that no matter where you are you can find your tree as long as you look hard enough.  All it takes is some careful observation and really looking at a few trees before you discover that one of them is connected to you in a special way. Will you find your tree on your walk today?

Find Your Tree

You will need:

  • a skin safe, washable marker
  • trees to observe

Before you head out on your walk closely look at the palm of your hand, observe the lines on it.  Some are deep and dark, some are narrow and less visible but they create a sort of map of your palm.  Choose a few lines in your hand to trace with the marker.  Do not trace them all, just choose a few.

You are now ready to head out to find your tree.  Your tree will have that same pattern of lines.  It may be in the bark, in the branches, in the visible roots (if it has any).  Get under the trees’ branches and look up, get up close to the trees and look carefully at the bark.  You may have to move your hand into different positions to find the spot in your tree that has the same pattern but not to worry, you will soon find your tree.

When you have found your tree take a picture of yourself standing next to it.  Retake the same picture on a regular basis to watch how the tree changes over the weeks and months.  Do you change as quickly as the tree?  We would love to see photos of your tree please share them with us on  Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy observing!


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