Fairy Furniture

This is a great activity for older children but there are plenty that younger children can do to help with this too.  This could tie in nicely with the miniature garden we made a couple of weeks ago.  How is it doing?  Are you remembering to water it to keep your plants alive?  Maybe you can add in the seedlings you have started to grow from last week?  These can also be used in a doll house, to create a dollhouse or as decoration in a bedroom.

Fairy Furniture

You will need:

  • twigs
  • secateurs
  • hot glue gun and glue (or use white glue but that will turn this into a multi-stepped project)
  • you may need a small saw or some twine depending on your design

Decide what furniture you would like to build and have a think about how you can make that out of sticks.  If you are making a chair have a look at your chairs at home — how are they put together?  See if you can design your piece on paper before you start.

Start clipping your twigs to the right length.  Make sure all of your pieces fit together well before you start gluing.  When you are ready glue your pieces together one piece at a time.

This tutorial from Kleas shows how to put a chair together and includes some other gorgeous ideas that you can add to your fairy garden (flowers and mushrooms to name a couple).  Thanks Kleas.

Please do share the photos of you creating your masterpieces and the finished results.  We would love to see what you design. Post them on our Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.  Thanks!

Happy designing and building!

All the best,



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