Colour Sorting

This idea can be used inside or outside.  You can collect colourful things outside and bring them in to be sorted or if you are in your garden or on your patio you can bring colourful things outside to be sorted while sitting in the sun.  Use the fact that we are still allowed out to get exercise to add a brisk walk in nature to your daily schedule.

Colour Sorting

Dip into your recycling bin and grab an egg carton then head out on a walk and collect as many different colours of natural items as you can find.  You can do this in the house as well, collect many small colourful items from toys, beads, crayons, trinkets etc.

Start sorting by putting items of the same colour into one of the egg carton dips.

Additions and modifications:

  • Maybe you want to paint or colour your egg carton dips different colours first so you are matching the colours as well?
  • Are your children learning a second (or third language) or learning how to read?  Label the coloured dips in the egg carton so the word is visible during the activity and ask them to repeat the word while they sort the items.
  • Not finding any items of a certain colour?  That is some thing to talk about.  Why might you not find many red leaves at this time of year?
  • Now that you have all of these wonderful colourful treasures in your home why not make a nature collage with them?  That is tomorrow’s blog post so watch out for it.

Thanks for checking in with us and for being a part of our community.  Please send us photos of your colour sorting.  We feel lonely without all of our Forest School friends and would love to see what you are up to.

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