Cloud Watching

This activity is a great one to do any day inside or out.  You can just have a cloud viewer made up and take it along on walks or having it sitting by a window to be used at any point.  Having it there and ready to go makes it more likely that they children will use it.

Cloud Watching

You will need:

  • a cloud identification window print out
  • a piece of cardboard or card stock
  • a stick or craft stick
  • white glue or a glue stick

Simply head over to E is for Explore! and print out their cloud identification window.  Cut it out and paste it to card of the same size.  Glue on your handle and off you go.

Spy your sky through the hole in the middle and see if you can identify the type of clouds in the sky.  Did you know the type of clouds can give you a clue about the weather?  Can you make a prediction about the weather based on the clouds you see?  Write it down and wait to see if you are correct.

Do let us know what you discover.  Share it with us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.  Thank you!

Happy weather watching!

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