Bee Habitat

Bee Habitat

Today we are focusing on our little busy, buzzy friends. It is a simple activity but is so exciting when you have residents move in.

Bee Habitat

You will need:

  • a washed and dried food can from the recycling bin
  • yellow and black paint (optional)
  • paintbrushes (optional)
  • a nail
  • a hammer
  • string
  • bamboo
  • secateurs

This bee habitat is not for honey bees. It is for solitary bees. They are important too. 🙂

Paint the outside of your can yellow and add a couple of black stripes. This step is optional but it makes it look fun and bees are attracted to bright colours so it may help your busy buzzy friends find it.

When the paint is dry, punch two holes in the can using the hammer and nail.

Thread your string through the holes you have created to make a hanger for your bee home.

Now, cut your bamboo to lengths that will fit into the can and place them in the can filling it up and packing the bamboo in there tightly.

Go and hang you bee house somewhere the bees might like to live and wait patiently for them to move in.

I found a lovely tutorial on how to make this on Natural Beach Living. The photos are theirs as well.

Do let us know how you get on and keep us updated on who moves in! You can find us on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy homing!


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