Nature Portraits

Nature Portraits

This is a fun idea that the results often surprise me and make me giggle. It can be used to make self-portraits or even portraits of the whole family (this is usually where the giggles come in). Give it a go and see what you think.

Nature Portraits


You will need:

  • loose parts from nature (leaves, sticks, seeds, berries, flowers, whatever strikes your fancy)
  • paper, card or board or just a clear space on the ground
  • glue if you want to keep the portraits

When you are out for your walk today collect loose parts with the thought in mind that you will be making portraits.  What sort of shapes will you need for noses, eyes, hair, ears, etc?

When you have all of your pieces head home and start creating. Will you be glueing them down or just taking photos to remember them by? How will you make your face different from the other members of your family so they can tell who is who? Maybe you can make one for each member of your family and create a family portrait? Do share your portraits with us — we would love to see them on  Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy portrait creating!



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