Nature Collage

This activity is great to give purpose to a walk in nature or even just a walk out side where you can find bits and bobs on the ground.  I love the creativity of the activity and the fact that it is so open ended so the child can really make it their own.  You can use left over pieces from your nature garden, your twig tea light holder, your leaf threading… you get the idea.  Reusing the pieces you have already collected will mean that there is more left in nature where it actually belongs.

Nature Collage


You will need:

  • a few bits and bobs from nature (anything you find interesting, leaves, twigs, acorn caps etc)
  • glue (white glue works well)
  • a sheet of paper

After you have all of your supplies organised it is just a matter of moving the pieces around to create the scene/animal/picture you want.  Then, glue them down.  You do not need to glue the pieces down on a piece of paper you can just arrange the bits and bobs on the ground, a sheet, the floor, wherever really and take a photo and then rearrange them and start again making a new picture.  Or you could create a scene from your favourite story book and have other members of your family try and guess what it is.  The possibilities are endless.

Please do take photos and share them with us — we would love to see what you create.  Don’t forget to share them on social media on Facebooktwitter and/or instagram.

Happy Creating!

All the best,


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