Alphabet Hunt

Alphabet Hunt

This idea was one I used years ago when my now teenaged son was small. He was learning symbol recognition and on a walk through a garden pointed to an A shaped trellis and started saying, “a, a, a, a, a.” It was very exciting and got me motivated to try more. As he was really little and only just learning the letters we did this activity spaced over weeks so depending where your children are with their symbol recognition this could be done a letter at a time or you could cover the whole alphabet in one walk.

Alphabet Hunt

You will need:

  • a digital camera

When you head out for your walk today try and spot shapes of letters in your environment. Can you see an ‘A’ shape in the way branches cross and fork? Can you see a ‘B’ in the petals of a flower? Can you find a ‘C’ in the curve of a blade of grass?

When you spot a letter in nature take a picture. Try and get nice and close to your letter shape so you remember what letter it is when you get home. 😉 If you are struggling with a few maybe you can spot them on a building or other manmade object like sign on a building that is along your walk. You can also make them using natural objects.

Once you have spotted all the letters you set out to spot you can bring them home and create an alphabet collage with all of your photos or try to write a word with your photos. Maybe you could use them to make a sign for the door of your bedroom?

We would love to see where you spot letters. Send us an email or pop a photo of you on your letter hunt on out social media (Facebooktwitter and/or instagram) we would love to hear from you.

Happy hunting!


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